Exact C-Logic SDK - Venice version 13.00
Exact C-Logic is proud to announce the Exact C-Logic Software Development Kit. It will enable you to integrate your custom made applications with Venice far beyond the possibilities of ODBC and the import tools.

With the SDK you can e.g. create an ASP web application to enter orders in real time and import them in Venice. You can create VB macro's in Microsoft Excel and get the expired amounts of your customers into a spreadsheet. You can create an application in any modern language (VBS, VB.NET, C++, C##, Asp.NET,...) that uses the articles of Venice without duplicating them in your application. The Exact C-Logic SDK enables you to read, insert, update and delete Venice records from within your application. You can even rely on the user interface of Venice to keep the Venice files up-to-date and you can start the import routines in Venice without any user interaction.
So, read on to get an idea of what the Exact C-Logic SDK can mean to you.

The topics 'Demystification', 'Activation' and 'Concept' reveal something about the technology used and how to activate the SDK. They should be read before proceeding with the examples.
The topic 'DCOM' is an advanced topic and should be read only if there is a need for using the SDK in web applications or on a remote server.
A short item on how to use the SDK on 64 bit operating systems can be found in 'Venice SDK and 64-bit versions of Windows (Win64)'.
Links between the Venice files used by SDK objects are explained in the text 'Links between the Venice files'.
In the 'Module overview' a table is presented in which you can find the relation between the SDK interfaces and the Venice modules and files.
The 'Language reference' is your programming guide containing detailed information and samples in different languages for the available interfaces, methods and properties.
In the 'History' you will find all changes that were made to the SDK when releasing a new version of Venice.
Available topics
64 bit OS
Links between the Venice files
Module overview
Language reference