Venice SDK and 64-bit versions of Windows (Win64)
The Venice SDK is a 32-bit in-process COM server. This means the Venice SDK can only be called natively from a 32-bit Windows application. This 32-bit application however can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

The Venice SDK can not be called directly from a 64-bit Windows application. If you are developping a 64-bit application (or an add-on for a 64-bit application) and need access to the SDK, you will need a 32-bit application to host the Venice SDK COM objects. Your 64-bit application can then 'talk to' this 32-bit host application by one of many different ways

This host application can either re-expose the COM interfaces as is. This is what DCOM does. So you could use DCOM as a go-between to access the 32-bit Venice SDK from your 64-bit application.

Alternatively you can make a 32-bit host application that wraps several Venice SDK calls and exposes this as a single interface. This is especially usefull in an environment with high latency such as using the SDK over a slow network or over internet.

When calling the SDK from VBScript on Win64, then by default the 64-bit version of wscript.exe will be associated with the .vbs file type, and this will prevent the use of the Venice SDK. To use the Venice SDK from VBScript on Win64, you will need to explicitely start the 32-bit version of wscript.exe which is located in 'C:\Windows\SysWow64'.