AnUnt properties (Interface: AnUnt)
The available properties for this interface are:
Name Get Set Type English description Dutch description French description
pAccount BSTR Account Rekening Compte
pAmountDocC DOUBLE Amount in document currency Bedrag documentmunt Montant en devise de document
pAmountDosC DOUBLE Amount in dossier currency Bedrag dossiermunt Montant en devise de dossier
pAnaAccount BSTR Analytical unit Analytische drager Produit analytique
pAnaKind BSTR Analytical kind Analytische soort Nature analytique
pBook BSTR Book Dagboek Journal
pBookDate DATE (date) Entry date Boekingsdatum Date d'enregistrement
pBookType BYTE Book type Type dagboek Type journal
pCreDate DATE (date) Addition: date Toevoeging: datum Addition: date
pCreTime DATE (time) Addition: time Toevoeging: tijdstip Addition: temps
pCreUsr BSTR Addition: by Toevoeging: door Addition: par
pDocC BSTR Code document currency Code documentmunt Code devise de document
pDocNum LONG Document number Documentnummer Numéro document
pEntEntryNum SHORT Sequence number entry Volgnummer boeking Numéro de suite écriture
pEntSysNum LONG System number entry Systeemnummer boeking Numéro de système écriture
pPercentage DOUBLE Percentage Percentage Pourcentage
pQuantity DOUBLE Quantity Hoeveelheid Quantité
pRemark BSTR Remark Opmerking Remarque
pSysNum LONG System number Systeemnummer Numéro de système
pText1 BSTR Text field 1 Tekstveld 1 Champ de texte 1
pUpdDate DATE (date) Modification: date Wijziging: datum Modification: date
pUpdTime DATE (time) Modification: time Wijziging: tijdstip Modification: temps
pUpdUsr BSTR Modification: by Wijziging: door Modification: par
pValue1 DOUBLE Numerical field 1 Numeriek veld 1 Champ numérique 1
vBookTypeCode CHAR Book type code Type dagboek code Type journal code
vBookTypeDsc BSTR Book type descr. Type dagboek omschr. Type journal descr.
vDosCurrency BSTR Dossier currency Dossiermunt Devise de dossier
Properties starting with the character 'p' are the 'real', physical fields of this interface, the ones starting with 'v' are 'virtual' fields. The value of p-fields is written to disk, while the value of v-fields is calculated at run time.
The get accessor of these properties returns a VARIANT.
The set accessor of these properties needs a VARIANT as input.
More detailed information on these properties (type, length,...) can be found in the 'ODBC File Description'-module of your Venice installation. See file 'AUN - Analyt. entry unit (AnUnt.btr)'.
The property names that are underlined represent BYTE fields that can have several values. Click on the link to see more information on the possible choices.
Calculation fields are added dynamically and cannot be used as properties. They should be used as described in 'How to use calculation fields?'.
You should consult the module parameters to get the necessary info on these calculation fields.