Purch properties (Interface: Purch)
The available properties for this interface are:
Name Get Set Type English description Dutch description French description
pAccYear SHORT Financial year Boekjaar Exercice
pAutoPay VARIANT_BOOL Payment: include Betaling: opnemen Paiement: mentionner
pBaseCoPartOtherDocC DOUBLE Base contr. partner other document currency Maatstaf medec. ander documentmunt Base taxable cocontr. autres devise de document
pBaseCoPartRealDocC DOUBLE Base contr. partner real estate document currency Maatstaf medec. onroer. documentmunt Base taxable cocontr. immob. devise de document
pBaseFinDiscountDocC DOUBLE Base cash discount document currency Maatstaf fin. korting documentmunt Base taxable réd. fin. devise de document
pBaseForeignVatDocC DOUBLE Base foreign VAT Maatstaf buitenl. BTW documentmunt Base taxable TVA étrangère devise de document
pBaseIcAssmDistDocC DOUBLE Base IC assembly/distance document currency Maatstaf IC montage/afstand documentmunt Base taxable montage/distance IC devise de document
pBaseIcGoodsDocC DOUBLE Base IC goods document currency Maatstaf IC-goederen documentmunt Base taxable march. IC devise de document
pBaseIcServicesDocC DOUBLE Base IC services document currency Maatstaf IC-diensten documentmunt Base taxable services IC devise de document
pBaseImportDisplDocC DOUBLE Base import displacement document currency Maatstaf invoer verlegg. documentmunt Base taxable import. report devise de document
pBaseImportOtherDocC DOUBLE Base import and other document currency Maatstaf invoer e.a. documentmunt Base taxable import. e.a. devise de document
pBaseNonDeductVatDocC DOUBLE Base not deductible document currency Maatstaf niet-aftr. BTW documentmunt Base taxable TVA non déductible devise de document
pBaseNormalDocC DOUBLE Base normal document currency Maatstaf normaal documentmunt Base taxable normal devise de document
pBaseNotSubmitDocC DOUBLE Base not submitted document currency Maatstaf niet-onderworpen documentmunt Base taxable non-soumis devise de document
pBook BSTR Book Dagboek Journal
pBookDate DATE (date) Entry date Boekingsdatum Date d'enregistrement
pClass BSTR Classification Klassement Classement
pCreDate DATE (date) Addition: date Toevoeging: datum Addition: date
pCreTime DATE (time) Addition: time Toevoeging: tijdstip Addition: temps
pCreUsr BSTR Addition: by Toevoeging: door Addition: par
pCurrency BSTR Currency Munt Devise
pDocDate DATE (date) Document date Documentdatum Date document
pDocNum LONG Document number Documentnummer Numéro document
pDocType BYTE Document type Documenttype Type document
pElecSource BSTR Electronic source Elektronische bron Source électronique
pEntries SHORT Number of entries Aantal boekingen Nombre d'écritures
pExpDate DATE (date) Expiry date Vervaldatum Date d'échéance
pFinDiscount DOUBLE Cash discount Fin. korting Réduction fin.
pFlagMatAssets BYTE Code material assets Code vaste activa Code immob. corp.
pGrpGoodsDocC DOUBLE Group goods document currency Groep goederen documentmunt Groupe marchandises devise de document
pGrpInvestDocC DOUBLE Group investments document currency Groep invest. documentmunt Groupe investissements devise de document
pGrpNoneDocC DOUBLE Group other document currency Groep andere documentmunt Groupe autres devise de document
pGrpServicesDocC DOUBLE Group services document currency Groep diensten documentmunt Groupe services devise de document
pImagePath BSTR Image path Pad afbeelding Chemin image
pIsProtected VARIANT_BOOL Protected Beveiligd Protégé
pIsTicked VARIANT_BOOL Payed Betaald Payé
pMargin VARIANT_BOOL Margin Margeregeling Marge
pMinDocUnit DOUBLE Smallest unit Kleinste eenheid Unité minimale
pNonDedVatRate DOUBLE Non deduct. VAT % 1 Niet-aftrekb. BTW % 1 TVA non déduct. % 1
pNonDedVatRate2 DOUBLE Non deduct. VAT % 2 Niet-aftrekb. BTW % 2 TVA non déduct. % 2
pNormalDetail1_2DocC DOUBLE Base normal 1/2 document currency Maatstaf normaal 1/2 documentmunt Base taxable normal 1/2 devise de document
pNormalDetail1DocC DOUBLE Base normal 1/1 document currency Maatstaf normaal 1/1 documentmunt Base taxable normal 1/1 devise de document
pNormalDetail2_2DocC DOUBLE Base normal 2/2 document currency Maatstaf normaal 2/2 documentmunt Base taxable normal 2/2 devise de document
pNormalDetail2DocC DOUBLE Base normal 2/1 document currency Maatstaf normaal 2/1 documentmunt Base taxable normal 2/1 devise de document
pNormalDetail3_2DocC DOUBLE Base normal 3/2 document currency Maatstaf normaal 3/2 documentmunt Base taxable normal 3/2 devise de document
pNormalDetail3DocC DOUBLE Base normal 3/1 document currency Maatstaf normaal 3/1 documentmunt Base taxable normal 3/1 devise de document
pNormalDetail4_2DocC DOUBLE Base normal 4/2 document currency Maatstaf normaal 4/2 documentmunt Base taxable normal 4/2 devise de document
pNormalDetail4DocC DOUBLE Base normal 4/1 document currency Maatstaf normaal 4/1 documentmunt Base taxable normal 4/1 devise de document
pNormalDetail5_2DocC DOUBLE Base normal 5/2 document currency Maatstaf normaal 5/2 documentmunt Base taxable normal 5/2 devise de document
pNormalDetail5DocC DOUBLE Base normal 5/1 document currency Maatstaf normaal 5/1 documentmunt Base taxable normal 5/1 devise de document
pNormalDetail6_2DocC DOUBLE Base normal 6/2 document currency Maatstaf normaal 6/2 documentmunt Base taxable normal 6/2 devise de document
pNormalDetail6DocC DOUBLE Base normal 6/1 document currency Maatstaf normaal 6/1 documentmunt Base taxable normal 6/1 devise de document
pNumDecDocument BYTE Decimals document Decimalen document Décimales document
pOpenDocC DOUBLE Unpaid amount document currency Open bedrag documentmunt Montant non réglé devise de document
pOpenDosC DOUBLE Unpaid amount dossier currency Open bedrag dossiermunt Montant non réglé devise de dossier
pPayApproval VARIANT_BOOL Approved for payment Goedgekeurd voor betaling Approuvé pour paiement
pPrivateRate DOUBLE Private part in % 1 Privé-gedeelte in % 1 Partie privée en % 1
pPrivateRate2 DOUBLE Private part in % 2 Privé-gedeelte in % 2 Partie privée en % 2
pRate DOUBLE Rate Koers Cours
pRemark BSTR Remark Opmerking Remarque
pStatCode BSTR Statistics code Statistiekcode Code statistique
pSupAccount BSTR Supplier: account Leverancier: rekening Fournisseur: compte
pSupNum LONG Supplier: number Leverancier: nummer Fournisseur: numéro
pSupRef BSTR Supplier: reference Leverancier: referentie Fournisseur: référence
pSupSubNum LONG Supplier: subnumber Leverancier: subnummer Fournisseur: sous-numéro
pSyncProtected VARIANT_BOOL Synchronization: protected Synchronisatie: beveiligd Synchronisation: protégé
pSyncReference BSTR Synchronization: reference Synchronisatie: referentie Synchronisation: référence
pSyncStatus BYTE Synchronization: status Synchronisatie: status Synchronisation: état
pSysNum LONG System number Systeemnummer Numéro de système
pText1 BSTR Text field 1 Tekstveld 1 Champ de texte 1
pText2 BSTR Text field 2 Tekstveld 2 Champ de texte 2
pText3 BSTR Text field 3 Tekstveld 3 Champ de texte 3
pText4 BSTR Text field 4 Tekstveld 4 Champ de texte 4
pToCheck VARIANT_BOOL To be checked Na te zien A vérifier
pTotalDocC DOUBLE Amount document currency Totaal documentmunt Montant devise de document
pTotalDosC DOUBLE Amount dossier currency Totaal dossiermunt Montant devise de dossier
pTsmNumber BSTR TSM number OGM-nummer Numéro VCS
pUpdDate DATE (date) Modification: date Wijziging: datum Modification: date
pUpdTime DATE (time) Modification: time Wijziging: tijdstip Modification: temps
pUpdUsr BSTR Modification: by Wijziging: door Modification: par
pValue1 DOUBLE Numerical field 1 Numeriek veld 1 Champ numérique 1
pValue2 DOUBLE Numerical field 2 Numeriek veld 2 Champ numérique 2
pValue3 DOUBLE Numerical field 3 Numeriek veld 3 Champ numérique 3
pValue4 DOUBLE Numerical field 4 Numeriek veld 4 Champ numérique 4
pVatCode BYTE VAT code BTW-code Code de TVA
pVatDedCreNormDocC DOUBLE VAT ded cre normal document currency BTW aftrek. cre normaal documentmunt TVA déd cre normal devise de document
pVatDedInvNormDocC DOUBLE VAT ded inv normal document currency BTW aftrek. fac normaal documentmunt TVA déd fac normal devise de document
pVatDueCreNormDocC DOUBLE VAT due cre normal document currency BTW versch. cre normaal documentmunt TVA due cre normal devise de document
pVatDueInvCoPartDocC DOUBLE VAT due inv copartner document currency BTW versch. fac medec. documentmunt TVA due fac cocontr. devise de document
pVatDueInvDispDocC DOUBLE VAT due inv displ. document currency BTW versch. fac verlegg. documentmunt TVA due fac report devise de document
pVatDueInvIcDocC DOUBLE VAT due inv IC document currency BTW versch. fac IC documentmunt TVA due fac IC devise de document
pVatError VARIANT_BOOL VAT error BTW-fout Faute TVA
pVatRate1 DOUBLE VAT rate 1 BTW-tarief 1 Taux de TVA 1
pVatRate2 DOUBLE VAT rate 2 BTW-tarief 2 Taux de TVA 2
pVatRate3 DOUBLE VAT rate 3 BTW-tarief 3 Taux de TVA 3
pVatRate4 DOUBLE VAT rate 4 BTW-tarief 4 Taux de TVA 4
pVatRate5 DOUBLE VAT rate 5 BTW-tarief 5 Taux de TVA 5
pVatRate6 DOUBLE VAT rate 6 BTW-tarief 6 Taux de TVA 6
vDocTypeCode CHAR Document type code Documenttype code Type document code
vDocTypeDsc BSTR Document type descr. Documenttype omschr. Type document descr.
vDosCurrency BSTR Dossier currency Dossiermunt Devise de dossier
vFlagMatAssetsDsc BSTR Code material assets descr. Code vaste activa omschr. Code immob. corp. descr.
vFormatTsmNumber BSTR Formatted TSM number OGM-nummer met opmaak Numéro VCS formaté
vImagePathFull BSTR Image path: full Pad afbeelding: volledig Chemin image: complet
vVatCodeDsc BSTR VAT code descr. BTW-code omschr. Code de TVA descr.
Properties starting with the character 'p' are the 'real', physical fields of this interface, the ones starting with 'v' are 'virtual' fields. The value of p-fields is written to disk, while the value of v-fields is calculated at run time.
The get accessor of these properties returns a VARIANT.
The set accessor of these properties needs a VARIANT as input.
More detailed information on these properties (type, length,...) can be found in the 'ODBC File Description'-module of your Venice installation. See file 'APR - Purchase (Aprch.btr)'.
The property names that are underlined represent BYTE fields that can have several values. Click on the link to see more information on the possible choices.
Calculation fields are added dynamically and cannot be used as properties. They should be used as described in 'How to use calculation fields?'.
You should consult the module parameters to get the necessary info on these calculation fields.